Xilopix for E-Commerce multiécrans

Xilopix Presents the Product Recognition Capability of Its Visual Search Engine to Enhance Retailer M-Commerce

Xilopix for E-Commerce multiécrans

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Smartphone have become consumers’ true “sales assistant”: 90% of them are using it while shopping. Its most common uses? Price comparison, product searches and reading consumers’ reviews.

It has become a critical tool when shoppers have to make a buying decision:

Mobile sales is expected to reach $626 billion by 2018, nearly equaling global E-Commerce sales for 2013 of $638 billion.

Mobile is also essential as it carries the “visual web” trend, lead by Instagram and Pinterest.

Indeed, 1.8 billion pictures are shared on the web everyday: those website can inspire the one who wants to decorate his house or the one who is looking for the latest fashion trends.

Thousands of people share their look and interact daily: they like, share and comment one another picture. Some have even gain enough influence that brands wants to collaborate with them.

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Come and join us! (1)

Xilopix to exhibit at RBTE London from March 10th to 11th

Come and join us! (1)

Just like us, you read a lot about the E-Commerce trends shaping this year 2015.

However, let’s be honest: I am sure you are still wondering, “How do these trends translate into real life?”

Technologies are growing fast into our everyday life: E-Commerce companies are not the only ones who should take the lead to interact with customers.

Customers are looking for in-store experiences that go beyond the product itself: they want interaction, entertainment and to “feel” the brand’s essence while they visit your location. But, to do so, you need to implement state of the art technologies in your store.

Fortunately, the Retail Business Technology Expo in London (RBTE) 2015 is the ideal place to discover the latest innovation that will shape tomorrow’s retail industry.

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Meet Xilopix at eCommerce Expo London 2014

Épinal, France, September 2014 – Xilopix brings Xilopix for E-Commerce, the first visual and tactile Search Engine for E-Commerce, to the UK.

Built on Xilopix Search Engine’s technology and optimized for the touchscreen revolution, Xilopix for E-Commerce has already been awarded “New Shopping Experience” of the year and “Tomorrow’s Economy – Innovation 2014” by two of the most prestigious French organizations.

Xilopix will demonstrate the benefits of its new generation Search Engine at eCommerce Expo 2014, booth #118, the 1/2 October at Olympia London.

Xilopix for E-Commerce allows searching without typing and sets users free from language’s barrier by the means of visual searching. This is a search experience never seen before: users can combine any kind of media at the same time in a single search box (pictures, videos, etc.), refine the ongoing search iteratively (with both improved faceted filters and drag & drop features), and get the most relevant results.

Xilopix for E-Commerce has been improved to meet specific E-Commerce needs, thanks to thorough testing and to several partnerships, including ongoing usability studies with PErSEUs research center and a leading French retailer.

In order to further its success, Xilopix is more than doubling in size by recruiting 20 highly qualified people, extending its headquarters to 1000m² with brand new offices, and opening a commercial office at the « Village by CA », 55 rue de La Boétie, at the heart of the 8th arrondissement of Paris, close to the Champs-Elysées.

About Xilopix

Founded in 2008, Xilopix is developing a new generation E-Commerce Search Engine that has already been awarded several innovation prizes.

Natively designed for the most recent devices (smartphones, tablets, touch screen kiosks, smart TVs, etc.), Xilopix for E-Commerce provides a new user experience: visual, tactile, and fun. Powered by an innovative technology allowing the enrichment of products indexing, Xilopix for E-Commerce significantly improves the relevance of search results, and increases the conversion rates of E-Commerce websites.

Xilopix intends to become the leading E-Commerce Search Engine for the touchscreen revolution.