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E-Commerce Search Engine

Visual – Tactile – Fun

Join the Tactile Revolution

With more than 2 billion touch devices in the world, the time of change is upon us!

Now more than ever, your choice of search engine must take into count its potential for visual and tactile use.

Thanks to Xilopix, you can search anything with the tap of a finger on tablets, smartphones, and even touch T.Vs.

Optimized for your market positioning

Thanks to its richly-defined thesaurus and intricately-tailored personalization, Xilopix holds the potential to push beyond your competitors and strengthen your market positioning.

For your clients, it is a guaranteed offer that matches both your brand’s image and your people’s expectations.

The Best of Physical Merchandising. Online.

Xilopix permits you to display your products using familiar marketing strategies, like what you would find in a real, brick-and-mortar store:

  • Promotions, events, snazzy headers, and more.
  • Put your customers’ results into context.

All this, with a surge of added curb appeal for your store.

Direct the Path of Your Search

Xilopix’s landmark administration tool lets you regulate with precision your most important results .

You are also able to feature your most interesting products in accordance with their margin, their stock values, how new they are, or any other factor that might be important to you.

Captivate Your Customers with Unbeatable Offers

Current search engines typically force users to tirelessly reword their searches, each time increasing the abandonment rate. Contrastingly, Xilopix favors a more fluid form of navigation thanks to its one-of-a-kind service capacities.

Xilopix guides your customers from product to product, while offering them deals that will ensure their ultimate satisfaction.

Improve Your Conversion Rates

Xilopix has put its all into boosting your conversion rates to their highest high :

  • A fresh and fun shopping experience
  • Relevant results
  • An optimized platform for merchandising and marketing

Your success is our priority!

A Progressive Solution for Safety and Reliablility

Xilopix assures the security of your most personal data, and our automated services guarantee quick recovery in the case of emergency.

The reliable management of our resources, in addition to our efforts to parallel our algorithms and our storage platforms ensures our product will be one-in-one with your needs in terms of power and space.

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